Climbing Tips

What is the Summits Index?

Our mountain trail difficulty rating system for amateur mountaineers

Family Friendly Hiking in Indonesia

Drop the iPads to surround yourself and the kids with nature on your next trip to Indonesia!

Where to find Mountain Ultras (Skyrunning) in Southeast Asia's listings of mountain running races in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indochina

Terminology: Height vs Elevation vs Climbing Height vs Prominence

How best to describe and understand how big a mountain is before you climb

How to Start Running Up Mountains (Skyrunning) in Southeast Asia

Running up a mountain is really hard, but totally worth it. Here are the steps to get started.

Trail-running & skyrunning in Southeast Asia

Our introduction to skyrunning, or trail-running up mountains, in Southeast Asia

Terminology: Hiking vs Trekking vs Mountaineering vs...

Our take on mountain climbing terminology, in case it matters to you

How Cold Will It Get?

It doesn't get all that cold at the top of Southeast Asia's mountains, but you do have to think carefully about your clothing.

Clothing - What to wear mountain climbing in Southeast Asia

Making the right clothing choices for sun, heat, insects, rain and taboos up Southeast Asia's mountains

What Footwear To Bring

Runners, hiking boots, or trail runners? The more important question might be which socks...