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Hiking in Vietnam in March

All you need to know about hiking in Vietnam in March

Summits Expert Kent Lim: How Mountaineering Differs in Indonesia and Malaysia

Let Kent Lim, Summits Expert, tell you how Indonesia and Malaysia each offers a unique mountaineering experience

Easy Summits To Get You Hooked On Climbing in SE Asia

Add a little adventure to your next vacation on these islands in the sun with an easy, fun hike!

Skyrunning in Southeast Asia's article on Skyrunning for AsiaTrail Magazine

Hiking: Benefits For The Mind, Body & Soul

As obvious as it is, hiking outdoors has many perks including breath-taking views, fresh air, and of course the surrounding natural environment. Other than enjoying the distant birds chirping and feeling the chilly winds blowing, hiking is an outdoor activity that has many benefits to offer your mind, body and soul.

4 Incredible (and easy to climb) Volcanoes In Indonesia

Whether it’s the next stop on your travel itinerary or your beloved lifelong home, Indonesia has 129 volcanoes and many more mountains to explore!

The Adventures of Harrer the Conqueror: Climbing Carstensz Pyramid and More!

Heinrich Harrer rose to fame with numerous first ascents across the globe. One of his biggest accomplishments was being first to conquer Carstensz Pyramid a.k.a Puncak Jaya in 1962.

Try hiking or climbing for a refreshing weekend getaway

Indonesia is about to head into the hotter weather of its dry season: It’s time to start heading to the mountains instead of beaches for climbing and hiking.

Why Is Mount Everest Crowded With Climbers in 2019?

For mountaineers driven by status, conquest, and ego, Everest is still the ultimate mountain to climb.

What is the use of climbing mountains (in Southeast Asia)?

Mallory-inspired thoughts from's interim CEO

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Skyrunning in Southeast Asia

Skyrunning is essentially running up mountains. If you’re part of this growing cadre of people who eats marathons for breakfast, lunge-walks to work, squats at your desk all day, and sleeps in a plank position, then Skyrunning might be what you’ve been missing in your weekends.

Mount Everest Is The Highest Mountain Only On A Technicality.

3 Other Mountains Also Have Legitimate Claims To Being The Biggest


George Mallory is often quoted as responding to the question of why one should climb Mount Everest with the retort, “Because it’s there”. But for those readers interested in going to Southeast Asia for their next vacation, the question of why one should climb a mountain is important, and I’d like to flesh it out a bit more...

The 5 types of Mountains worth Climbing in Southeast Asia

Mountains in Southeast Asia aren’t the untouchable ice-hells that the most hardened alpinists chase after. But mountaineering in Southeast Asia would probably be the highlight of all holidaymakers...

5 Mountains You Must Climb In Southeast Asia

Most people escaping the UK for Southeast Asia do so for the beaches, the food, and the cheap thrills. But for a nation of walkers, so few of us take advantage of the exceptional opportunities to hike, climb, and summit many of the incredible mountains that Southeast Asia has to offer...


When setting off to build a better mountaineering website for Southeast Asia, I was trying to find out who our customers really are. What I already knew was that they’re hikers, trekkers, climbers, and sometimes even bikers of mountains. They love the outdoors, a good physical challenge, and maybe the social aspects of mountain climbing.