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Q:Climbing mount bintan
A:Mount Bintan is the perfect day hike to enrich a weekend getaway from Singapore, or from other points in Indonesia. It is a relatively small, easy-to-climb mountain with a well-marked trail that is readily accessible by road once you're on Bintan Island. You'll need basic hiking shoes, water, and other basics for a day hike. Expect to summit and return within 3 or 4 hours.
Q:Bintan trail run
A:Indonesia’s Mount Bintan is a great place to try out some trail running if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. There are many races that take place every year from the Tour de Bintan to the Mandiri International Bintan Marathon.

Climbing Mount Bintan Indonesia - Mountain Stats

336m (1,102ft)
Climbing Height
316m (1,037)
  • #1 Highest Point on Bintan Island
Other names
  • Gunung Bintan Besar

Climbing Mount Bintan Indonesia - Natural Form and History

Natural Mount Bintan Indonesia - Natural history

Bintan Island, the highest point of which is Mount Bintan, forms a part of the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. Two types of lithology can be found on the Islands: igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks. The Bintan formation has alternating shale and limestone layers and is thought to date back to the Triassic Era. The Jurassic granites found on Bintan Islands are comparable to those found in Singapore and Malaysia. Much of the terrain of the Archipelago is ragged and hilly and the mountains like Gunung Bintan were formed by volcanic activity.

Natural Mount Bintan Indonesia - Climbing history

Bintan Islands, historically positioned as a major presence on the Indo-China trade route has a rich history and finds a mention in Chinese documents dating back to 231 AD. In fact, the first capital of the Island was built at the foot of the mountain, making it easier for sailors to locate it from the sea (the capital has hence shifted to Tanjung Pinang, which is a few hours’ drive towards the coast). After a colorful past as a trading outpost for various colonial powers, Bintan Islands has now emerged as a major tourist destination and climbing Mount Bintan is one of the high points of a visit to the Islands.

Natural Mount Bintan Indonesia - Current status

With its attainable height and relatively uncomplicated terrain that make it attractive for amateur hikers, and its proximity to Singapore and Malaysia, the Islands and the peak see a lot of tourist activity on a daily basis. The entire trek takes 3-4 hours to accomplish for the average climber. Most tourists make it part of a longer 1-2 day itinerary on the island, spending the rest of their time on the Island enjoying the beaches as well as the tropical flora and fauna.

Climbing Mount Bintan Indonesia - Climbing Experience & Itinerary

Climbing Mount Bintan Indonesia - Climbing Experience

Bintan is a single trail mountain, going up from one side and coming down the other, with the pathway offering you just enough inclines and rocks to make it enjoyable yet challenging. If you’re physically fit, you will be at the summit before you know it, so you just have to slow down and enjoy the jungle scenery.

Climbing Mount Bintan Indonesia - Trail options

Number of options

Climbing Mount Bintan is a relatively simple affair with a clearly marked out trail. Most climbers go up one side of the mountain, and come down the other to enjoy a diversity of flora and fauna along the way, and the Kolam Puteri (Princess Pool) and waterfall at the end of the trail.

Time to complete

There’s only really one trail to climb Mount Bintan, although it goes up and down a different way. Its lush with tropical flora and fauna.

Number of days

If you’re spending the night at a hotel in Bintan, it is best to leave for the trail starting point early in the morning before it gets too hot and humid. The drive from Bintan Resorts – which is a common tourist spot – to the start of the trail takes less than an hour.


Meet your guide at the starting point if you’ve booked one already. Start walking in the beginning along a stretch of paved road, but as it goes higher the path becomes rugged and surrounded by 40ft tall (but not too dense) trees of the rainforest. With the fallen foliage and the rains that are to be expected at any time of the year, the slope can be slippery and at points there are ropes to help you on your way.


Arrive at the summit, and climb up on the (somewhat rickety) viewing platform that looks out to mangroves next to the sea below. The tall trees on the summit will block your view in many directions, but will also keep you cool under their shadow.


Start to walk down after spending some time on the summit along the other side of the mountain. The trail is not too different, but ends with a small pool (Princess’ Pool) and waterfall where you can take a refreshing dip in the cool water. A short walk on a paved road from that point onwards will bring you back to the main road.


At the end of the trail, say goodbye to your guide if you had booked one, and catch your ride back to your hotel.

Climbing Mount Bintan Indonesia - Support facilities

Guides and porters

Guides are not required
Porters are not required

Trail facilities

Trail - Rest stop shelters, such as huts, pavilions, etc.
Trail - "Groomed" trail, with built steps, raised or concrete paths, etc, where needed

Food & water

Trail head - Food
Trail head - Potable water

Network connectivity

Trail head - Network signal
Trail - Network signal
Summit - Network signal

Climbing Mount Bintan Indonesia - Safety & Accessibility


Bintan Islands enjoy a steady 25-30°C weather with only slight variations through the year. The mountain is not high enough for it to get significantly colder as you ascend. The dry season is between March and November, and offers a higher chance of unexpected rain. The dry season is the best time to plan a hike.

Climbing safety

Dehydration:  Though this is a short trek, stay hydrated throughout especially if the weather is particularly hot and humid.

Insects: Take insect repellant for mosquitos.

Slippery surfaces:  Be prepared for unexpected rain, and cautious if the trail has become slippery due to loose vegetation or algae.

Personal safety

If doing this trek during the dry season and especially on weekends or holidays, there will be a good amount of traffic up and down the mountain. It is unlikely you will come up against any dangers.

Permits, Fees, and Regulations

No permits are required for this hike.

Emergency contacts

Police: 110

Ambulance: 118

Fire: 113

Getting there and away

Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport in Bintan has domestic services connecting to the main airports in Indonesia. However, most tourists take the ferry from Singapore (or Malaysia).

It is a 35 minute cab drive from the domestic airport to the entrance to Mount Bintan.

Climbing Mount Bintan Indonesia - Special Tips

Tips for amateur climbers

Bintan is definitely a good one for beginners to get into hiking. 

Tips for advanced climbers

Mount Bintan doesn’t have much advanced climbing to offer the more experienced mountaineer.


Tips for women

Mount Bintan is a safe trek for women. 

Tips for trail runners

Gunung Bintan has a great trail for running when not too wet.

Check and for news on any upcoming races.

Tips for nature lovers

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna along the way, and the Kolam Puteri (Princess Pool) and waterfall at the end of the trail.

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