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Bukit Tabur Hill: Malaysia’s Most Dangerous Dayhike

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Summary Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Summary

Easy to reach, but dangerous to summit. Tread carefully on Bukit Tabur.

Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus, as the locals say) is a prominent feature of the city landscape of Kuala Lumpur. Its proximity to Kuala Lumpur makes it a popular destination, but it can be dangerous. It is not a climb for beginners or the unsteady.

Climbing Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Height and Distance

Natural Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Natural Height

Summits Index:
1 / 10 (200m - 500m)

391m (1282.81ft)

Natural Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Hiking Period

Summits Index:
1 / 10 (2 - 5 hours)

Bukit Tabur has five peaks and two trailheads: Tabur East and Tabur West. For the most part, we look at Bukit Tabur West since it is the most popular route.

Those who have a high level of fitness could complete this trek in 3-4 hours, however, the person of average fitness would take between 4 and 6 hours in total including resting time. The total trail distance of Bukit Tabur West is 7-8km.

Difficulty Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Hiking Difficulty

Difficulty Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Terrain

Summits Index:
5 / 10 (Mild difficult)

This climb is doable but challenging. 

Bukit Tabur is a quartz ridge., with steep drop-offs on either side of it. The terrain consists of rocks, boulders, bush, coniferous forest, an array of endemic plants and quartz within the surrounding limestone. 

The trail involves some basic rock climbing in some places. There are some old ropes in some of these areas to help hikers climb, but it may not be the wisest choice to rely on them. You’ll need to find hand and footholds within cracks in the rock.

There are a couple of ‘rope sections’ where you’ll have to abseil using only the rope tied to the top of the rock cliff to traverse these sections.

Towards the top of the ridge on the West trail, there are a few particularly challenging sections which require bouldering and climbing with both hands and feet, a narrow section with vertical drop-off on either side and little to no safety measures in place.

The view at the top is beautiful. You get a panoramic view of the lake below and Kuala Lumpur as far as the eye can see. 

Difficulty Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Weather

Summits Index:
4 / 10 (Fluctuates greatly across seasons and/or between the base and summit or mildly unpleasant throughout the year)

Kuala Lumpur has a tropical rainforest climate. It is mainly sunny, hot and humid with lots of rain during the monsoon season between October and March. It is also very sheltered from wind.

The best time to attempt hiking Bukit Tabur is between February and August as this is the dry season. Do not attempt this trek during the rainy season or on a rainy day as the terrain will become even more dangerous.

It is also best to start the trek early in the morning so you can catch the sunrise glimmering over the lake and avoid the midday heat.

Difficulty Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Equipment

Summits Index:
4 / 10 (Poles for support and / or gloves and clothes for cold, wet, or windy weather)

Wear sensible hiking shoes that are already worn in. Gloves may be very useful since there is a rock-climbing element to this climb, and you’ll need a light windbreaker in case the weather changes nearing the summit or as the day progresses. 

Also, pack a hat or a cap as there is not much shade along the trail.

Facilities Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Support Facilities

Facilities Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Rest Stops & Facilities

Summits Index:
1 / 10 (N/A; for short or easy hikes)

There aren’t any special facilities along this trail, and there are little to no safety measures along the trail.

Facilities Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Guides and Porters

Summits Index:
5 / 10 (Recommended)

A guide is necessary for this trail since the terrain is challenging, you’ll need someone who knows the trail to help you navigate it. Porters are not needed.

Accessibility Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Accessibility and Safety

Accessibility Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Location

Summits Index:
0 / 10 (In a major, tier-1 city; easily accessible)

Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) is located in Selangor, Malaysia. It is a thirty-minute (+- 23km/14 mi) drive from Kuala Lumpur. 

You can get to the trailhead by car (taxi or hired vehicle), or by using public transport.

If you are using public transport, you’ll need to take the metro to Wangsa Maju station, which is the closest station to Bukit Tabur and then catch a taxi for the remaining 5km or hike it.

Accessibility Bukit Tabur (Bukit Hangus) Malaysia - Safety

Summits Index:
7 / 10 (Some - significant risk)

There have been several reports of accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities incurred up this mountain. All of them were due to hikers falling, either down a cliff or down the side of a steep slope. Please be very cautious, paying special attention to footing and the stability of your steps as well as handholds.

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