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Gunung Lambak: A Weekend Getaway, Hiking in Malaysia

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Quick Answers

Q:How do you climb Mount Lambak?
A:Mount Lambak is an easy climb perfect for a quick weekend getaway from the busy cities of Malaysia and Singapore. Accessible via the Changi, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur International Airports, hiking Mount Lambak shouldn’t take you more than half a day to complete. No permits are necessary for this trek.
Q:Why should I climb Mount Lambak?
A:This day hike is perfect for those new to hiking, families looking for a fun, outdoor weekend getaway or anyone hoping to try out a trail run. There’s plenty of flora and fauna to admire along with waterfalls for a quick dip before you reach the summit.

Climbing Mount Lambak Malaysia - Mountain Stats

510m (1,673feet)
Climbing Height
400m (1,312feet)
Other names
  • Gunung Lambak

Climbing Mount Lambak Malaysia - Natural Form and History

Natural Mount Lambak Malaysia - Natural history

Peninsular Malaysia – which is the underlying landscape where this summit is located – is stable, generally sedimentary rock, which has been shaped mainly by fluvial systems. Lambak means ‘valley’ in Malay, which is an odd name for a freestanding mountain – perhaps a reference to the space between the two peaks.

Natural Mount Lambak Malaysia - Climbing history

Natural Mount Lambak Malaysia - Current status

Being a moderately challenging climb to a television reception tower at the top, the mountain has gained popularity, particularly among Malaysians, as an accessible and achievable climb through lush forests. The Mount Lambak Recreational Forest is well-appointed, with sections of the trail including suspension bridges and pavement.

Climbing Mount Lambak Malaysia - Climbing Experience & Itinerary

Climbing Mount Lambak Malaysia - Climbing Experience

The Mount Lambak experience caters to all climbers. There are three trails that can be done separately, or joined up to make a longer and more challenging circuit.

Climbing Mount Lambak Malaysia - Trail options

Number of options

There are 3 trails which climbers can take, depending on whether they’re more interested in the nature aspect or if they’re looking for a challenge.

Time to complete
Half a day

Taking the concrete and forest path to reach the higher peak – with the television tower – is the most preferred route. The concrete path is well maintained, smooth and straightforward, making half of Mount Lambak accessible to just about anybody, regardless of physical ability. The concrete path comes to an end halfway through the hike, replaced by a dirt path criss-crossed with tree roots thereafter. The terrain and accessibility depends on the time of year. This trail takes an average of 1 hour to reach the peak, when climbed at a moderate pace.

Number of days
Day 1

Arrive at the trail head and prepare for the ascent. Apply insect repellent, and begin the ascent via the concrete path.


The concrete path comes to an end and climbers can see a fountain / well.


Climb through the unpaved portion of the trail before arriving at the peak. Enjoy the views and take some photographs.


Begin the descent.


Arrive back at the trail head.

This trail goes through dense forest areas with no road signs available. Climbers can reach the other adjacent peak through this path, however going alone isn’t recommended.

This is the steepest trail and is less than 100m in length. However, this trail is rather unpopular being rather boring with little or no involvement with the surrounding ecosystem.

Climbing Mount Lambak Malaysia - Support facilities

Guides and porters

Guides are not required
Porters are not required

Trail facilities

Summit base camp - Shelters for overnight rest

Food & water

Trail head - Food
Trail head - Potable water

Network connectivity

Trail head - Network signal

Climbing Mount Lambak Malaysia - Safety & Accessibility


The mean temperature throughout the year is 27°C. It is best to avoid the rainy season between mid-October and March.

Climbing safety

Watch out for rains – in this climate, there is always a chance, even in the drier months.

Personal safety

Watch out for monkeys. Don’t feed them and don’t display food when they’re near. If you do by any chance do have food on you when they approach, it’s best to leave the food behind so as to avoid any friction.

Permits, Fees, and Regulations

No permits necessary.

Emergency contacts

Police & Ambulance: 999 (112 from mobile)

Fire: 994 (112 from mobile)

Getting there and away

Johor Bahru, Singapore’s Changi and the Kuala Lumpur International are the nearest airports. Lambak can be reached in 15 minutes by car from the city of Kluang, which is a 2 hour drive from Johor Bahru airport or 3 hours from both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Climbing Mount Lambak Malaysia - Special Tips

Tips for amateur climbers

Mount Lambak is a great place for amateur climbers. Its not too challenging physically or technically. You can just stroll and enjoyo the breezy, beautiful surroundings.

Tips for advanced climbers

Lambak won’t offer much of a challenge to the advanced climber. You can always make it a trail run, or slow it down and fully appreciate the flora and fauna.

Tips for women

Mount Lambak is a safe trek for women. However, you may want to avoid unwanted attention by taking your dress cues from the locals, who tend to dress modestly.

Tips for responsible / safety-conscious climbers

Mount Lambak has some pristine and rich forests, namely because it is too high and out of reach of most agricultural activities. However, being isolated in a well-developed area of Malaysia makes it more vulnerable and in need of your help by keeping it clean and expressing your support for its continued protection.

Tips for trail runners

There aren’t any big trail runs organised here as of writing (July 2019). But it is a very run-able mountain, so go for it!

Tips for nature lovers

Apart from the flora and fauna, you’ll encounter waterfalls perfect for a quick refreshing dip.

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