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Bukit Timah: Singapore’s No.1 Hike

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Summary Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Summary

Bukit Timah Hill is barely a climb, but is the high point of Singapore, and a highlight for her visitors.

Designated Singapore’s second ASEAN Heritage Park in 2011, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is home to about 40% of Singapore’s natural flora and fauna. It is so richly green, lovingly conserved, and well-curated, that even the most hardened of mountaineer will admit to Bukit Timah being worthy of a visit.

Climbing Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Height and Distance

Natural Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Natural Height

Summits Index:
0 / 10 (Below 200m)

164m (537 ft)

Natural Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Hiking Period

Summits Index:
0 / 10 (2 hours or less)

The main trail that people use to summit Bukit Timah is called The Red Walking Trail and it is quite straightforward. A leisurely pace up will bring you to the summit in less than an hour. The entire trek can usually be accomplished in less than 90 minutes.

Many visitors opt for a mix of routes, going up the easy path and returning via more difficult paths so that they get the most out of their visit to the Reserve. These routes add a  bit of time to the trek.

Difficulty Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Hiking Difficulty

Difficulty Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Terrain

Summits Index:
1 / 10 (Flat - easy)

There are 3 official walking routes in the reserve that lead up to the summit, designated easy, moderate, and difficult respectively. All routes start at the same point – the Visitor Center.

The Red Trail seems to be the most popular route with visitors preferring a quick climb. This is a short and easy route to the summit at just above a kilometre (0.6 mi) from the starting point. The trail is a paved road leading northwest from the Visitor Center and leads you to a steep stairway labelled the Summit Path.

In the first part of the trek, you will walk on a paved road under tall trees of the forest, and if you are lucky you might spot some wildlife too.

The second part is comprised of steps that bring you to the summit. There are small and large steps juxtaposed side by side and you can choose to take it easy or push yourself on the larger ones.

Following the stairs is a relatively flat boarded path and along the route there are handrails to help you on your way, should you need some help.

The walk down should take 30 minutes or less and bring you back to the Visitor Centre.

Difficulty Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Weather

Summits Index:
2 / 10 (Mild variability across seasons and/or between the base and summit)

The temperature in Singapore remains in the range of an average low of 20 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) and an average high of 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

There are two marked monsoon seasons – the Northeast Monsoon from December to March and the Southwest Monsoon from June to September. However, rain is a pretty frequent occurrence in Singapore and it is best to check for the daily forecast before planning a trip to Bukit Timah as entry to the Reserve may be prohibited during stormy weather.

Bukit Timah Hill is accessible all year round. June – July and November – December are peak tourist seasons in Singapore. February to April is also quite cool and pleasant.

The weather does not change much at the summit of Bukit Timah from its base – it might just get a tiny bit colder and windier. It is best to avoid the hot sun and make this trek early – right as soon as the Reserve opens at 7 am.

Difficulty Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Equipment

Summits Index:
1 / 10 (Good shoes would help)

No special equipment is needed to climb Bukit Timah Hill. You could probably do this walk in sandals or even barefoot if your feet are tough.

Facilities Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Support Facilities

Facilities Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Rest Stops & Facilities

Summits Index:
0 / 10 (N/A; for short or easy hikes)

This a very short, easy walk, but you’ll still find great facilities.

At the trailhead, there is a registration kiosk, food, potable water and toilets/bathrooms.

Along the trail, you’ll find toilets/bathrooms, rest stop shelters, boardwalks over swampy areas, rope handrails and non-slip surfaces, built steps, a concrete path etc. where needed, as well as publicly displayed trail maps.

At the summit base camp, there are toilets/bathrooms and food.

Facilities Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Guides and Porters

Summits Index:
0 / 10 (N/A; for short or easy hikes)

Neither guides nor porters are required nor needed.

Accessibility Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Accessibility and Safety

Accessibility Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Location

Summits Index:
0 / 10 (In a major, tier-1 city; easily accessible)

The nearest airport is Singapore’s Changi Airport. The Bukit Timah Hill is 30km (18.6 mi) from the airport, but most hikers tend to go here from their hotel/home.

Bukit Timah Summit is an easy hike from the entrance of Bukit Timah Reserve. You can most readily get there by road. You can also take a bus up Upper Bukit Timah Road and get off at the Bukit Timah Shopping Center, or take the Downtown Line MRT and alight at Beauty World MRT station and walk 10 minutes walk along Hindhede Drive to the Visitor Center.

Accessibility Bukit Timah Hill Singapore - Safety

Summits Index:
0 / 10 (No safety concerns; easy trail with many hikers every day)

Singapore is exceptionally safe, and this is a popular trek. You are very unlikely to encounter any personal danger.

Be aware of:

Insects – While walking through a tropical forest, insects can be menace and it is advisable to use insect repellent before you start.

Slippery surfaces –  Some amount of rain is never too surprising for Singapore and though the trails are mostly laid out in anti-slip surfaces, it pays to be cautious if you are taking the longer and more rugged paths.

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