Mountains in Thailand - Asia

Thailand is a great place for beginners to get a taste for climbing in Southeast Asia. It doesn't have high mountains, but it has some great hikes and treks through tropical and subtropical forests and landscapes.

Explore mountains in Thailand

Phu Langka Peak

1,720m (5,643ft)

Phu Langka Peak is found within the Phu Langka Forest Park, Phayo province in Thailand. it is quite the trek just to get to the trail, as it is in quite a remote area. Once you get to Phu Langka, the trail itself takes two days to complete.

Mount Phu Chi Fah

1,442m (4,730 ft)

Phu Chi Fa is best known for the beautiful sunset that can be enjoyed from the top of it. it is a pretty easy hike in terms of distance and the time it takes, though it does have a gradual slope to it.

Mount Phu Kradueng

1,316 m (4,318 ft)

Mount Phu Kradueng is a great trail for fit beginner or intermediate hikers between June and September when the weather is dry. The facilities are well spread out over the trail and there is both food and drink available at the rest stops. Camping gear can be hired at the top of the mountain, and there are also other facilities at the top, like bicycle rentals and restaurants.

Khao Mokochu (Mokoju)

1,964 m (6,443 ft)

The trek up to the summit of Khao Mokochu is best suited to veteran hikers. The journey takes 5 days and covers 60km (37.2 mi). It is not possible to attempt this hike alone, as a park ranger is assigned to you. Arrangements must be made weeks, to a month in advance.

Khao Chang Phueak

1,249m (4,098 ft)

Khao Chang Phueak is a trail for the adventurous. It requires a more experienced climber, as the terrain gets quite dangerous towards the last section of the hike, but for those who dare embark, it is an adrenaline-inducing experience.

Doi Samer Dao

888m (2,913ft)

Doi Samer Dao is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a gorgeous sunset over a valley with very little effort. The peak has a road that goes all the way to the top. Any walking will be to get to the campsite or viewpoints.

Doi Pha Tang

1,600m (5,249 ft)

Doi Pha Tang is a mild trek, suitable even for children and those who are not very fit. The trail itself is well-groomed and there is a pavilion where one can rest on the way up. The summit boasts a picturesque view of the scenery below.

Doi Ma Muang Sam Muen

1,800 m (5,905 ft)

This two-day hike is a challenging, but rewarding one. Most people who attempt this hike do it seeking a view of Pitugro Waterfall- a heart-shaped waterfall created by two waterfalls joining to form one as the water falls into a valley.

Doi Suthep

Located near Chiang Mai’s city centre in Thailand, Doi Suthep is a worthwhile hike to take especially if you’re an admirer of gorgeous views and beautiful nature. The entire hike shouldn’t take more than 4-5 hours and is a great way to kickstart a day of exploring this cultural city.

Doi Inthanon

Thailand’s highest peak is surprisingly easy to climb!

Boasting cooler temperatures throughout the year, Doi Inthanon has managed to attract crowds of both local and foreign trekkers. The national park isn’t just popular for this peak, but also the numerous waterfalls, sunrise & sunset viewpoints and the surrounding remote villages.

Doi Chiang Dao

Need a romantic hike? Try Thailand’s Doi Chiang Dao for breathtaking views and candlelit dinners

Doi Chiang Dao is a 230-250 million year old limestone summit – known to locals as Piang Dao or “at the level of the stars”. It’s Thailand’s most popular hike owing to its unspoilt natural beauty, and place in Thailand’s spiritual fabric. Most climbers choose to either take in the sunset or sunrise at the summit, and camp under the stars.